Daily Nation – December 6, 2000


THE EDITORIAL appearing in the November 13, issue of the DAILY NATION, headed Fighting AIDS On All Fronts, should engage the attention of people who possess and desire to retain even the most minuscule vestige of morality, generally referred to as hypocrites.

The editorial seems to suggest, among other things, that our Government should abandon its well-established and desirable practice of travelling the moral high road, and accompany Britain on its journey along the moral low road that will eventually lead to the legalisation of homosexuality.

The idea that we should follow the ungodly lead of Britain, from whom even at this moment we are actively and vigorously seeking to break the last remaining shackles of colonialism, is revolting.

The editorial also seeks to assure us that there is not the remotest possibility of incurring the wrath of the God, in whom we so vociferously profess to believe, should we follow the example of other nations that have embraced and adopted sodomy and other forms of gross immorality as their preferred way of life.

We can be reasonably sure that the writer did not mean to be deliberately misleading, but, like many of us, understandably lacks the ability to perceive the awesome power of God which we tend to equate to the non-existent power of man, and also fail to perceive that God’s visitation upon us may be manifested in a form other than the cataclysmal event that the writer may be inclined to contemplate.

The love affair the world now seems to be having with homosexuality is an event foretold in the Bible, the repercussions of which will also be as foretold.

This love affair is the result of a relentless and deliberate promotional campaign mounted by television, screen, radio, editorials, governments, and, of course, homosexuals, aimed at desensitisating the world, most especially the youth, to the harmful effects of the abnormal practice of homosexuality, and it has proven to be highly successful.

The success of this campaign to have homosexuality accepted as a normal healthy lifestyle must surely be a boost to those of that persuasion, whose perception is "intake and exhaust, same ting", and to whom exhaust fumes, generally offensive to others, are an aphrodisiac.

Alas! It seems to be, that the question is no longer To "B" or not to "B" but simply when, and whom.

Those who are now standing firmly behind homosexuals and the legalising of homosexuality may someday grow to regret their decision, when they witness homosexuals standing firmly behind their sons.

(This article was submitted as a letter to the Editor.)