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Barbados Gays & Lesbians Against Discrimination

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"Because families are defined by love not gender.
Because hatred is not a family value.
Because equal rights are not special rights."
- Anonymous

Homosexuality and the Barbadian Society

From the days of Queen Victoria, Barbados, like other British colonies viewed homosexuality as possible among men only and unimaginable among women. As a result, homosexuality remains taboo and anal sex continues to be outlawed.

In recent months, there has been much talk of the inclusion of gay rights within the amendments to the constitution of Barbados. The majority of the members of the Constituion Review Committee disagrees with this position, but a dissenting view was offered by one committee member. Another major step, which might have been a first for the island, was when the issue was raised by a Member of Parliament in August 2000. This helped to highlight gay issues within the society and served to draw public debate to the matter. Following this numerous articles appeared in both daily newspapers and the issue was also discussed on one popular radio talk show. Public reaction has been very mixed.

BGLAD is an unofficial group of concerned citizens that was formed as the events of recent months unfolded. This website will attempt to keep you informed and current on the issue of gay rights and gay issues in Barbados, the Caribbean and internationally. Where possible, the articles that appears in the newspapers will be reproduced on the site. Links to regional and international organisations will be made available.

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